Joomla offline Site but allow for registered users

When we are developing any new joomla site… we need to make site offline….

we can do this site->global configuration-> Site Settings —  > Site Offline to yes…

but need to open for registered user…

An override (minor hack) to Joomla 1.5 as follows:

In /includes/application.php, change value of default 23 to 18


if ($this->getCfg(‘offline’) && $user->get(‘gid’) < ’23’ ) {

$file = ‘offline’;


if ($this->getCfg(‘offline’) && $user->get(‘gid’) < ’18’ ) {

$file = ‘offline’;

This will enable registered users to view the website after login on the offline page.

This will work for joomla 1.6 also……

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