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How to get list of files included in PHP.??

Every time I write a peace of PHP code, to perform database activity or calculations, I’m curious about how many files are included, by framework (CodeIgniter,Yii, Zend etc.). My moto  is, just don’t want to include those files, which are

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Yii Tips and Tricks

While working on Project base on Yii framework, got some questions/problems. After searching couple of hours found solutions,So sharing here…., How can change default action of Yii controller? Ans:- Declare variable  ‘ public $defaultAction = ‘actioname’; ” in controller. e.g.:-  class LoginController

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Include php file On all the pages of php

I need to include a files in all of your site’s pages? Normally, you’d use require() or include(). But do I really want to manually past the include code in every page? This may be at the start of page or end of page. There’s the little

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Joomla1.5 manually add admin user

Hi ,… When we work with joomla site… we should have the back end access.. i.e.  super-admin access. But we don’t have that…. may be client may forgot to give you or given wrong details… So need to create new one.. or just

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Doing page redirection in PHP

Hi, In php header() function is used to redirect page. Syntax:- header(“Location:newpage.php”); header() must be used before sending any output either by HTML, blank lines or from PHP. Otherwise error message “header already sent” error shown. To overcome this problem, we

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Users Sharing or Synchronisation between multiple Joomla sites

Hi.. my client have two websites.. he want user of one website can access the other site too.. I have searched on google  .. I found something interesting & useful… ******   *** I managed to make two sites

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PHP function to convert time from one timezone to another

Hi , I found PHP function which is very useful for time  conversion. I got this from Some applications require finding out what the current time would be in a particular timezone. Another similar requirement would be to convert a

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